le-collectif-7Le Collectif International des Improvisateurs creates spaces and events where mind exploration becomes an inviting communal activity. Le Collectif comprises dancers, musicians, visual artists, soundscape engineers and projectionists, all with special experience as facilitating improvisers. Improvisations centre round a number of set pieces which draw the audience in, feeding off their ideas. Audiences contribute to the process either by watching and listening or through more active participation.Le Collectif has been in development for over three years. Over that time we have been involved in nine different projects some with several iterations in various venues. The performances are immersive and visually and aurally thrilling.  They are designed specifically for each venue.With the support of Barbican Creative Learning Team, through its Open LAB residency, an effective structure for a theatre based narrative has finally crystallised, suitable for adaptation to larger venues and festivals.

At the heart of the performances is the improvisation orchestra The Roddy Skeaping Band whose members come from many different musical fields and who rehearse together regularly devising entirely new musical tropes under Roddy’s guidance.

At the same time the visual excitement is provided by a number of respected artists working under the leadership of Sukjin Kim.

In addition a group of dancers and actors are developing their own improvisational themes which feed off and develop the work of the band. While projections and sound capture and mixing are developed under the guidance of Jaime Rory Lucy and Hugo Danino.

Our heritage is exciting and we have developed whole new ways of working through the process,  but it is what we do in the future that is most important.  We have a number of new projects in preparation.  They will be in surprising new environments and what you will see will be even more engaging and challenging.

If you would like to see our work at a your venue then simply message us through the Contact page and we will begin the conversation.