The Roddy Skeaping Band

Performing is our research base. Free-Improvised Music Installations are what we do. We are like-minded improvising musicians on a quest to broaden improvisation technique and experiment with new structures and ideas as performance containers. Within our performance scenarios, the threshold where performer and audience meet is centre-focus.Recently work has moved towards softening boundaries and increasing a sense of flow, since inclusivity is fundamental to the spirit of this genre.

Composed music and Free-Improvised Pieces are in no way comparable in our view – both are profoundly different in every way: Composed music offers a vehicle and pathway to inner contemplation within a replicated form; Free-Improvised Pieces are once only music installations that celebrate the art of creating-as-self-expression and communing with others. For us, product is simply the result of shared process – neither intended nor suitable for capture and resale. If you are not present you have missed it.

We don’t record for financial profit.
We view Free-Improvised Music Installations as a creative and social playground in which fresh ideas can germinate. Our aim is to create in our playground a climate in which to grow Active Audience and, through cultivating a stronger, more inclusive and more independent sense of artistic agency, to help promote grass roots change.
We aim to ignite the creative spark amongst people with widely differing skill sets, coming together creatively with fellow humans through surfing the artistic ‘now moment’.
We mess with Mass Magic.