Maurizio RavalicoOver the course of 25 years of professional carreer, percussionist Maurizio Ravalico has collaborated with a very broad range of artists, and building from a solid background in Cuban percussion, Brazillian music, composed music, funk and rock, he has developed a very personal vocabulary, and an original approach to percussion music. As a leader and/or creative partner he has released eight albums to date, while his collaborations and sessions count several tens of albums. Maurizio has composed and performed music for theatre, contemporary dance, installations, films and plays solo concerts.

“Percussion music is a way to relate to the immediate environment in its entirety; the possible territory of percussion instruments never really ends, giving way, as a trumpet or a piano would, to the rest of the physical world; it expands into it, and spontaneously encompasses anything that can be seen and touched. The discovery of the sound that can be drawn out of things is an exercise that never ends, and a way in itself to relate to the world; I think that putting an inanimate object into resonance, by hitting it, rubbing, bowing, rolling it… getting that object to produce a sound, is to somehow bring it to a state as close to LIFE as that object will ever experience.”