Lascelle GordonWidely known as Lascelle Lascelles, today his output as a percussionist and composer reflects his early tastes in music, with genre influences from Miles Davis to Sun Ra and starting with an eclectic vinyl collection that catapulted him to fame as one of the London scene’s most influential DJs (Blackmarket Wag Club). If you’ve heard ‘I believe in Miracles’ it’s largely down to him! In turn DJing became the springboard for an equally effervescent career in cutting edge music. Lascelle has toured extensively with names like James Holden, Beth Orton, Campag Velocet. Albums for labels including Pias, Pointy Finger, Rex Records. In a single paragraph suffice to say that his latest group, Woven Entity, the toast of London venues (including Cafe Oto, Vortex, Servants Jazz Quarters, Union Chapel) elegantly reflects Lascelle’s guiding artistic principles, his talent for electronic manipulation within live performance (including use of toy farm animals and squeaky ducks) using electronics, his taste for the quirky and highly experimental, but always with finely integrated music in the driving seat.

Follow him. His performances never, disappoint. Lascelle now runs his own Collective Vibration Black Finger.