Kevin PlummerKevin Plummer is a guitarist and composer who spent several years writing, performing and recording with the group Kenny Process Team.  Since the group disbanded in 2008 he has continued to compose ditties for The Windsors, a 4 piece rock group from London. Musically Kevin has great respect for a good melody. and so is proud to be an excellent tunesmith.  As a member of Le Collectif he wants to explore how tunes can be written as an ensemble through improvisation. This he does frequently in a popular alternative improvisation performance event series Love Explosion, a cutting edge project where Audience become Performers through short, 2 minute  dyadic free improvisations which he frames musically. Kevin himself is no mean theatrical improviser with a 4 year background of theatrical improvisation  starting as a student in Remy Bertrand’s ground-breaking  Imprology classes and,  more recently, as a performer working alonside Remy.