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A Jack of All Trades
Because of a desire to explore what I’m not very good at and then the urge to give up when I achieve any recognition which I abhorr
I’ve found improvisation to be most fruitful in these explorations
Mike Leigh’s rehearsing over and over an original improvisation until its word action perfect and totally unspontaneous is my idea of hell
It produces painful stilted caricature and grim miserable performance although there seem to be many who think its rather inspired
Especially the confused actors who have been pummelled into submission by a big brain out of touch with the body
I suppose its such pulsating brains believing in their own bloated thoughts that have taken power in all walks of life
Personally I don’t believe in anyone
Or anything
Or you could say I believe in everything as equal
Catching and entering the present experience in performance is what interests me, in that there is a liberation, even transformation
What is happening just outside the performance: in the audience, in the atmosphere, in passers by, in my onlooking double is my real purpose though
Thats where the fissures to greater realities lie if they can be caught and tickled open but they are fleeting shimmering entrances so you gotta be quick!