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some of our recent projects.

Paul Vernon’s Film of the Barbican Open Lab Project

Paul Vernon documented one day of the Barbican Open Lab Project. The film screens 8th November at 3pm at the 5th DocFilm Festival in Leicester. Check out Paul’s blog below.…/official-selection-at-5th-le…

Le Collectif Improvisation at Barbican Pit open LAB

Innovative and quirky improvisation group Le Collectif International des Improvisateurs has been in residence at Barbican Pit as part of the Open LAB project. During the residency they were able to develop a piece called The Next Room which in turn is evolving into a work tentatively titled Odyssey 2015.

The Odyssey comes down to us via Keats’ Sonnet

Homer’s Odyssey has been the great tale of adventure and human relationships that has come down to us through the ages from when it was first written down three thousand years ago.  No-one knows if there ever was an individual called Homer or whether the stories were a collection of bardic tales that had gradually […]